iXware is a Document Digitalization solution which integrates your scans, faxes, SMS text messages and digital documents with your existing email environment and business applications. The iXware fax & scanning modules are part of iXware’s Document Digitalization software: Document Capturing, Document Routing, Document Messaging, Document Archiving.

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d9b208614500b6f80739755fd29fad52 XL CENTRALIZE AND DIGITALIZE SCANNING, FAX AND/OR SMS More and more, organizations worldwide rely on the digital availability of documents. iXware adds Scanning, Fax and/or SMS functionality to the familiar e-mail environment or workflow. Use iXware to centralize, digitalize and archive all your message flows, creating transparency, greater responsiveness and ease of use.
d9b208614500b6f80739755fd29fad52 XL COMPLETELY MODULAR AND SCALABLE STANDARD SOFTWARE iXware is unique: truly standard software which is easy to install, easy to use, easy to integrate and easy to manage. Completely modular and scalable, iXware can always be expanded with functionality and capacity, safeguarding your original investment. iXware will grow with your requirements.
1ea804dbf6a45ba977293c237ecc1b08 XL MAKE DOCUMENTS PART OF YOUR DIGITAL WORKFLOW iXware gives you the complete freedom to support your business processes; to make (paper) documents part of your digital workflow. iXware turns your MFP into the on-ramp for that digital workflow and makes it even more multifunctional with the full power and functionality of the iXware solution at your disposal.