iXware Cloud Fax

CloudFax Free

iXware Cloud Fax is a smart global hosted service which lets you send faxes directly from your email (and MFD, if applicable) and receive faxes in your email. All of your in- and outbound fax traffic is digitalized with iXware Cloud Fax. The power and legal significance of fax become part of your digital workflow. Keep your existing fax number and realize significant cost savings thanks to modern technology and the Fax Credit Bundles.

Fax from email
Integration with your email application for in- and outbound faxing. 1 fax to email, 20 email to fax accounts included in base license
Technical benefits
Always up-to-date with the latest fax technology. All your fax traffic digitized and archived in your mailbox. Digital audit trail and GDPR ready.
Low investment
Completely transparent cost structure with no activation fee, annual subscription and competitive priced credit consumption.
Cost savings
No on-site installation and up to 90% reduction of implementation costs, save between 25 and 60% on operating costs.

iXware Cloud Scanning

CloudScanning header

iXware Cloud Scanning is a smart, global, online service which lets you scan documents to email or online repositories in different file formats. This scanning service gives the user basic scanning functionality without the need for local software or server. No system administration, maintenance or need to upgrade, ever. IXware Cloud Scanning is always up-to-date for document conversion and storage.

Scan documents directly in the right file format to your email, SharePoint Online, Office 365, Google Drive or Dropbox.
Scanning to online repositories unsures employees to access documents whenever they want, wherever they are.
High performance
Continuous availability through automatic load balancing, failover and in-service upgrades.
Reduced costs
Save on hardware, software, infrastructure, installation, management, upgrades and maintenance.